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Block Management (FA & AA)

Right To Manage (RTM)

Surveying Services

Company Secretary

Block Management (FA & AA)

Full Admin Management: Your site will be designated to a Property Account Manager to assist with the day to day management of site matters.

Admin Assist: Allows you the client to manage your block in the knowledge that you are a question away from assistance.

Along with your fellow management team members you can take more control of the day to day matters. This includes being able to choose your own contractors, approval of invoices, safe in the knowledge that our processes are transparent.

(All AA clients can elect for the services noted as part of our supplementary service fees)

Finance & Budgeting

Working with the Management Team to stabilise the finances and manage the annual tasks i.e. budget, compliance, future works.

Site visits

Will take place on all FA Management as per your agreement at scheduled intervals.

H&S Compliance

There will be requirement for the Management Team (both FA & AA) to ensure compliance surveys are completed when required. Health Safety Fire Risk Assessments, Asbestos, Electrical testing etc MUST to be completed. All FA clients will be reminded annually during the budget period. AA clients will be prompted by draft budget setting each annum.



Right To Manage (RTM)

What is right to manage?

Surveying Services

Insurance Rebuild Valuation

It is important that your annual block insurance premium covers the correct rebuild valuation. In the event of a total loss the block will be covered. In the event that it is not, cover may not be valid.

It is recommended that this is carried out every 3 years. Your property account manager will budget for this requirement. All AA clients can utlise this service through the surveying services offering.

Project Management

We can work with all clients to establish the requirements of project managed works and obtain costs associated with appointing a surveyor.

The need to comply with Section 20 consultation will also be explained.

Our surveyor will work with the management team as a supplementary service to create the required specification of works. Our Property Management Team can forward you the briefing note on the service.

Our fees start at 10% of cost of works and 1% CDM plus VAT at the prevailing rate.


Company Secretary

We can act as Company Secretary, we would also file your annual return as standard.

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