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Full Management

Full Management

This is a full-service option, with a designated Property Account Manager to work closely with you on all aspects of the day-to-day management of your block or estate. This option is suitable for leaseholder Directors with little time or experience of block management. Even though we manage the delivery of virtually all aspects of property management on your behalf, we ensure you remain in control:

  • Only you as leaseholders can approve the annual budget, with input and advice from us as required.
  • No works will be undertaken on the property without your prior agreement.
  • All quotes will be shared with you and no work undertaken without agreement from you so there are no nasty surprises.
  • Suppliers’ invoices will only be paid on your approval.
  • Your Property Account Manager will keep you informed of all activities so there is full transparency and opportunity for you to get involved.

Specifically, Full Management includes:

Financial administration
  • Help in determining the annual budget, including long term planning for any major maintenance expenditure.
  • Generating service charge requests and collecting monies from homeowners.
  • Receiving, and, after authorisation, paying invoices from contractors.
  • Tracking and reconciling bank account balances.
  • Producing the electronic and physical files ready for accountant review.
  • Dealing with any enquiries from the accountants relating to service charge accounts production.
Oversight and management of the communal parts
  • Arranging and managing service contracts for cleaning, lift maintenance, gardening etc.
  • Undertaking periodic inspections to identify any problems that need addressing, reporting back to the Directors on findings.
  • Organising Building Safety assessments and reviewing the results to determine how to rectify any issues raised.
  • Organising reactive maintenance and planned maintenance (excluding major works).
  • Assisting in co-ordination of major works.
  • Assisting with organising insurance for the Block/ Estate.
Liaison with Directors, leaseholders and third parties
  • Being the day-to-day contact point for leaseholders with questions or issues.
  • Being the day-to-day contact point for Directors.
  • Being the contact for the Building Safety Regulator if required.
  • Organising and chairing the annual Leaseholders meeting.
Provision of administration support
  • Distributing notices/ emails / letters as required.
  • Maintaining a store of key documentation and correspondence.
Provision of a dedicated on-line portal for leaseholders and directors
  • Supporting easy communication and decision making via an electronic notice board.
  • Providing online reporting of issues to VPM via an automatic ticket creation.
  • Providing safe and accessible storage of important documents.
  • Providing easy access to safety documents as needed.
  • Providing easy to use tools for entering information about the block.
Other Services
  • See our Other Services page for additional services that are available if required.

Prices range from £200.00 to £380.00 per flat, depending on a number of factors, but mainly how many flats your block has.

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