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Block Management

Admin Assist

If you and your fellow leaseholder Directors are more experienced in property management and feel you are able to manage your block or estate, this is a cost-effective service. You will be responsible for safety and legislative requirements, building maintenance, the selection and management of all contractors and their works, as well as for conducting any leaseholder meetings. But you won’t be alone: you will have access to our help and expertise to enable you to fulfil your responsibilities:

  • You can call at any point to ask for advice on property management, health and safety and other legislative issues.
  • If you and your fellow Directors do not have the time or capability to undertake a block management task, you can ask us to step in on an ‘as required’ basis.
  • All invoices received for payment by you will be checked by us.
  • You will have access to all block documentation online, ensuring you’re up to date on finances and other property information.

Specifically, VPM will provide the following services

Financial administration
  • Providing a completed template of the annual budget and providing telephone support as needed.
  • Generating service charge requests and collecting monies from homeowners.
  • Receiving, and, after authorisation, paying invoices from contractors.
  • Tracking and reconciling bank account balances.
  • Producing electronic and physical files ready for accountant review.
  • Dealing with any enquiries from the accountants relating to accounts production.
Provision of Administration Support
  • Distributing notices/ emails / letters as required.
  • Maintaining a store of key documentation and correspondence.
Provision of a dedicated on-line portal for leaseholders and Directors
  • Provision of a dedicated on-line portal for leaseholders ensuring easy to use communication and decision making via an electronic notice board.
  • Providing fast reporting of issues to VPM via an automatic ticket creation.
  • Providing safe and accessible storage of important documents.
  • Providing a central repository for contact details of all leaseholders and VPM.
  • Providing easy to use tools for entering information about the block.
Prices range from £100.00 to £150.00 per flat, depending on a number of factors, but mainly how many flats your block has.

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