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About us

Why VPM…?

Disillusioned and fed up with the big companies dictating and want to have your voice heard then look no further.
If, like us you believe everyone should have a Choice, would like a high level of Transparency and Control of your management then get in contact. Vestra Property Management has been created to ensure just that…!

It is our belief that leaseholders should be involved in their block finances and through VPMs’ unique form of creating a Management Team they work with the Property Account Manager to set and approve the annual budget, approve the contractor’s invoices and have a say in how their block is managed.

If this is not currently the service, you are receiving we would like to hear from you.

Furthermore, don’t despair if you are struggling with your Freeholder led managing agents, exercise your ‘Right To Manage’.

Our Mission

To become the industry leading partner of choice to all leaseholders. Transform the property management industry and commit positive change to redefine the quality and consistency of service that clients deserve.

To inspire trust through communication, demonstrated dedication, giving Choice, being Transparent and allow Control by homeowners.

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